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Your dried product is precious but even more precious is your time and when a big harvest comes down, trimming it all can be a gruelling and daunting task. Take the strain out of trimming up your dried product by using the Trimbag. The Trimbag is an innovative way to remove excess leaf matter from your dried product by simply shaking it off in a few rotations, leaving you much more time to tend your indoor garden and saving you lots of finger ache and scissor blisters.

  • Trim your end product in minutes, not hours
  • Leaves your end product perfectly intact and leaf free
  • Uses two compartments, split by an internal screen
  • Quality zips with heavy-duty fabric lining for years of trimming action
  • Super simple and lightweight design
  • Comes with a handy carry bag, for storage and trimming on the go
  • Features no moving or perishable parts, blades etc
  • Easy to keep clean and folds away after use


1 x Trimbag
1 x 30ml Hemp oil (zipper lubrication)

Zipped and folded away – 54cm x 14cm
Unzipped and open – 54cm x 50cm

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How to use the Trimbag

The Trimbag only works with very well dried product which has a solid density. Any product that is even slightly damp and fluffy will not benefit from the trimming process as the Trimbag relies on friction to break away the leaf matter. Place your dried material inside the main, larger compartment and zip it up. Rotate the Trimbag clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession, rotating an average of 15 to 20 times in total. Once your rotations are done place the bag down with the Trimbag logo the right way up and give it one final shake, this shake helps guide the leaf matter through the in-built screen and into the smaller, collection compartment below. Unzip the smaller compartment into a tray and dispose of it, re-zip up the smaller compartment and then unzip the larger compartment and pour your trimmed, finished product into a tray or bucket ready for curing.

To keep the Trim bag clean, after each trimming session wipe with a damp cloth and lubricate the zips with the included hemp oil


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