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Silver Bullet Mist


Kill 99.99% of grow room diseases with the best disinfectant there is – Silver Bullet Mist. It’s a new, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide steriliser that’s both fast acting and long- lasting. A few quick sprays puts a stop to biofilm – a breeding ground for bacteria, powdery mildew, fusarium, pythium and botrytis. It’s a silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide product. Nothing else works as well.

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USE IT TO CLEAN VARIOUS SURFACES IN YOUR TENT OR GROW ROOM: • Walls • Your equipment • Any new or foreign equipment going into the room • Underneath the equipment • Small tools • Scissors • Cloning equipment • Gloves • Tent zips • Floors • Damp corners • Entry/Exit points • Door handles • Bottoms of your shoes

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5 Litres, 500ml Spray


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