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Opticlimate Pro3 6000 Air Conditioning Unit


OptiClimate 6000 PRO3 water cooled air conditioning. The OptiClimate 6000 PRO 3 for perfect climate control has a cooling capacity of 6kW. The OptiClimate 6000 PRO 3 uses 1-2 liters of water p / m and has 2x1500W heating elements. The OptiClimate water-cooled or air-cooled air conditioner with split unit in combination with the OptiClimate Accessories is the only true total solution for controlling the indoor climate. The OptClimate is a climate control system that has been independently developed to create a fully optimized and efficient product that can be used to keep the indoor climate perfectly under control with the use of as little energy as possible. Use the OptiClimate with a CO2 controller, humidifier, evaporative cooler, humidity sensor, temperature sensor and plant temperature camera for the optimum climate of crops in a greenhouse or indoor grow room.

  • The perfect climate control in summer and winter
  • Cooling, warming and dehumidifying the air circulating and filtering in one appliance
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in temperature and water leak protection
  • Automatic water control valve
  • Automatic restart (following power cut)
  • The safest climate control system
  • Manual or fully automatic adjustment
  • Enter the day and night temperature and the OptiClimate does the rest; it couldn’t be simpler
  • Light sensor for automatic switching between day and night programme
  • Hygrostat for setting atmospheric humidity
  • Unique air dehumidification function ( with the PRO4, even if the air conditioning does not cool! ) *
  • Dehumidifying possible during the day, night and continuously


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