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K FANS AC Series K 100 M


The K AC fan is quiet, dependable and designed for years of continuous use. The fan is sealed to stop any leakage from the body of the fan, preventing smells or contaminants escaping from a filtered ventilation system.

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The Systemair K Fan range offer industrial dependability and rock-solid engineering in 100%sealed housing, meaning no leaks from your grow room environment. Made in Germany with German motors for quality you can rely on.

The EC version uses state of the art EC technology. More powerful and over 50% more efficient than standard AC fans with no humming or buzzing at low speeds. They can be precisely controlled with an GAS EC Controller.

The AC version offers great air flow and performance under pressure. They can be controlled by Triac, Step transformers or frequency controllers.

Max Air Flow (m3/h) – 180

Flange Size (mm) – 99

Recommended CarboAir 50 – 100-330


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