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Powerstar 2 Light (2kw) Contactor Switch

Mains electrical time-switches are not designed to switch the high currents that grow-lights require. Use a Powerstar Contactor to safely and reliably switch the power to your lamp.

  • Use with your mains electrical timer to switch your lamp on and off
  • Quality components and construction
  • Switches any 1 or 2 lamp system up to 2000 watts total
  • Easy to use
  • Greatly increases the reliability and safety of your light-switching system
  • Ideal for use with a Grasslin Segmental Timer
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How the Powerstar Contactor Switch Works:

Most timers available on the market today will fail if they are used to switch on and off a load such as a grow-light ballast. The Powerstar Contactor relieves the timer of the job of switching the electrical power which is what burns them out. Instead of using your timer to switch the power, your timer is used to switch the contactor and the contactor switches the power to your ballast. The Powerstar 2 Light (2kw) Contactor Switch safely and reliably turns on or off your lights when activated by your time-switch. The Powerstar 2 Light (2 kw) Contactor Switch will switch 1 or 2 ballasts/lamps with a power consumption of up to 2000 watts.

How to Use the Powerstar Contactor Switch:

Programme your timer, set it to the correct time and insert it into a mains outlet. Insert the timer plug on the Powerstar into the timer. Insert the Input plug into a separate mains outlet. Plug your ballast or ballasts into the output trailing socket on the contactor. Switch on the mains outlets for the timer and the input to the Powerstar. The contactor will now switch your lighting system on according to the programme set on the timer. No more than two lights should be switched by the 2 light Powerstar, nor should more than 2 kw should be drawn through it as this will cause the Powerstar to be overloaded.


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