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Double D-Papillon 630W Dual CDM


ncludes Daylight Bulb Philips Master Colour 315w/942.

A perfect solution is now available for the vegetative growth or the addition of blue light in the flowering stage. More efficient and more light per watt than Plasma.

The Double dPapillon is an adjustable full spectrum luminaire and has a 6 step dimming system: 50%, 70%, 85%, 100%, 110%, 120%.

The Double dPapillon is fitted with 2 Daylight grow lamps that are full spectrum lamps and irradiate the farred and UV spectrum. The Double dPapillon fixture consists of an Ultra durable electronic ballast which has a 50.000 hours average rated life with a 90% survival rate. The average rated life of the Daylight bulbs are 16.000 hours with 90% lightoutput remaining.

The Double dPapillon uses a safety cover that provides a thermal buffer between the hot reflector material and any objects that it may come in contact with. The protective cover reduces the surface heat trom 390°F down to 160°F.

The Open Reflector Functionality directs more light to the canopy while trapping considerably less heat. Heat is allowed to rise away from the canopy more efficiently.

The heat that is generated on the lamp surface is not transferred directly to the plant, but indirectly, with air acting as a carrier. Using the open reflector concept, a natural air current is created, with which the heat is distributed evenly throughout the environment, thereby preventing the formation of hotspots on the plant. The Reflector allows heat to dissipate away trom the canopy, greatly reducing garden hotspots and increasing overall lamp life (less heat build up).

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• Adjustable ballast (Range: 315W-760w).

• Mains voltage: 208V-240V-277V

• Patented open reflector design increases effiency to 95%, promoting longer bulb life due to reduced heat build up.

• lncludes 2 CMH Daylight lamps

• Driver efficiency> 95%.

• Sealed housing with Gore-Tex ventilation plug allows for extreme air pressure fluxuation.

• Lamp & Reflector easily replaceable.

• 3 Year warranty on fixture, 1 year on bulb


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