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Ecothrive Charge


It’s a 100% organic, soil and coco enhancer, made entirely from the droppings of organically reared beetles. It’s Soil Association approved for use in growing organic crops.

It’s bursting with beneficial bacteria (450m units per gram!), and contains chitin, to boost resistance to pests and diseases.

You’ll see surges in growth, robust roots and vigorously high yielding plants.

It’s fast-acting and easy to apply, thanks to its sandy texture.

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– Fantastic dilution rate (1 litre of Ecothrive per 50 litre bag of coco or soil)
– Fantastic balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK – 3/2/3 )
– Boosts and prolongs fertility of potting mix
– Leads to vigorously high yielding plants – stimulates robust plant growth
– Immensely improves root zone conditions
– Boosts resistance to pests, diseases and fungus (contains chitin)
– 100% organic (Soil Association Approved!)
– Packed with microorganisms, micronutrients & rhizosphere bacteria
– Rapid results & easy to apply (thanks to sandy texture)
– Increases nutrient availability and cycling
– Can be used as a growth boosting foliar spray (mix with water first)
– Available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre & 10 Litre tubs

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1 Litre, 10 Litres, 5 Litres


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