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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula


Your plants’ roots are the key to your yield size and potency, that’s what the research shows.

Yet the first thing you notice about most hydroponics roots zones is they are biologically sterile. Nothing other than roots is alive in them.

When you focus on your roots, you might notice that they’re bare and spindly-looking. But healthy roots actually look healthy, not like most roots you’ll see. They’re “muscular,” intensely-branched, thickened, and robustly alive.

You don’t see that kind of roots very often in hydroponics gardens unless you’ve imported beneficial microbes into your root zone.

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Tarantula is a bacterial blend of 57 microorganisms. This mixture of diverse and extremely rich microorganisms forms a symbiotic relationship between the plants’ root zone in the rhizsosphere. This produces extremely healthy, strong plants and superior root systems.

A truly remarkable product. Add Bud Blood to your nutrient solution during the first week of flowering to quickly establish flowering sites and fuller flowers. Critically, Bud Blood helps to reduce excessive vegetative growth during the early flowering stage giving you greater control over the height of your plants. Developed for stabilisation and floral production in hydroponic applications. Bud Blood is a specific type of pH buffer salt.

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