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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana


Nirvana is a 100% organic, growth-promoting supplement designed to enhance the vigour, immunity, and metabolism of any crop all season long. You see better growth and yield using Nirvana. Its unique combination of L-amino acids, vitamins, and extracts of kelp and alfalfa combine with humic and fulvic acid to ensure rapid growth and larger yields with organic flavor and aroma. Nirvana also contains high-quality surfactants to help spread nutrients out over the largest surface area, providing broad, even coverage- so Nirvana is prefect for root and foliar applicatons in all types of gardens.

Nirvana is an all-organic liquid supplement that increases bud and bloom size as well as metabolism, immunity, stress tolerance, and nutrient absorption rate. Nirvana quickly increases the yield and quality of any garden when applied to either leaves or soil throughout the growing season.

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Nirvana delivers exactly what every gardener wants: bigger plants with larger fruit and flowers. In addition, Nirvana improves your garden in the following ways:

  • Greatly improves yield
  • Increases plant immunity to insects and fungi
  • Strengthens plants against day-to-day stresses
  • Gives more harvest value for your investment
  • Provides building materials for more and larger blooms
  • Boosts energy and metabolism so your plants grow larger faster
  • Increases nutrient distribution and uptake for increased growth and cost efficiency

Nirvana stimulates, immunizes, and protects your crops while enabling them to absorb and use nutrients more quickly for the fastest growth and biggest harvests possible.

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