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Original SpinPro Hand Driven Trimmer


Save yourself hours of misery and let the SpinPro take the strain out of trimming your produce. The SpinPro greatly reduces the time it takes to remove unwanted materials from your crop, allowing you to save the waste product for use elsewhere. Simply turn the handle and let the SpinPro do the rest!

  • Whizzes through large quantities of material in no time at all
  • Saves countless hours of trimming time
  • Can turn a two man job into a one man job
  • Stainless steel gearbox with Japanese casing
  • Dishwasher safe parts for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • No more time-consuming hand trimming with scissors
  • Spare blades and motor available separately
  • Supplied with 23 replacement trimming wires
  • One year parts warranty
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How the SpinPro Hand Driven Trimmer Works:

The SpinPro consists of two main halves. The lower half is a large stainless steel bowl with a metal grill covering the top. The unit is supplied with 23 replacement trimming wires. Close underneath the grill, the trimming wire is attached at a central point and rotated via a geared spindle. The top half is a metal bowl with a rubber seal around the edge with rubber strips attached to the top. A rotatable handle on a crank connects onto a vertical spindle inside. The vertical spindle locks onto the end of the spindle in the centre of the lower bowl to drive the trimming wire.

Plant material is placed on the grill on the lower bowl and the top bowl is then fitted into place over it. When the handle is turned, the rubber strips move the plant material over the grill while the wire underneath the grill spins very fast, cutting off the leaves and stems that protrude through it. As the plant material is moved over the surface of the grill by the rubber strips, after a few turns, all the sides of the material get trimmed.

This is usually accomplished with just a few turns of the handle. When the trimming is finished, the top half of the Trimmer can be removed and the trimmed plant material taken out.

If you regularly trim medium-sized amounts of plant material you will wonder how you ever managed without one! The SpinPro will save you hours of work with scissors.

If you have a large amount of produce to process then a great feature of this unit is that it can be upgraded with a separately available motor unit. This means that you won’t even need to turn the handle yourself!

How to use the SpinPro Trimmer:

Fit the grill onto the top of the SpinPro bowl ensuring that it sits flat, and then put your plant material onto the grill. Don’t try to trim too much at once. Roughly a litre at a time is about right. Smaller amounts are easier and quicker to trim than a large grill-full that has been piled up, and the trim quality will be better. Next place the SpinPro top bowl onto the top of the grill, making sure that it seats well over the rubber edge-seal.

Turn the handle at the rate of about one turn every 2 to 3 seconds. Don’t turn it as fast as you can. The best trim will be gained from a medium trimming speed. The length of time it takes the SpinPro to finish trimming your plant material will vary depending the type of plant and how much you put in to be trimmed. The clear top-bowl makes it easy to visually check how the trimming is progressing as you go. Generally speaking, a litre of plant material will be trimmed in under a minute.

Once your plant material has been trimmed thoroughly, take the top off the SpinPro and remove it. Place the next batch in if necessary. Every few batches, check under the grill and empty the trim out of the bottom bowl if necessary. Make sure that the SpinPro is cleaned well after use to maintain its effectiveness and lifespan.


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