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Moonshine 80/20 Mix 50L


Moonshine COCO 80/20 Mix

The COCO 80/20 Mix allows growers to feed less frequently than in straight clay pebbles, but more frequently than 60/40. this provides a buffer but still allows for regular feeds without overwatering.

Made from the industry’s favourite clay pebbles and the purest coco fibres, 80/20 is the perfect step-up for coco growers. They’ll get more oxygen to their roots and improve the quality of their crop.

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Features of Moonshine 80/20

  • Moonshine 80/20 50 Litre
  • Professional grade Coco Coir
  • Promotes root growth and plant vigour
  • Coco is completely environmentally friendly
  • Encourages beneficial bacteria and discourages harmful bacteria
  • It is a 100% renewable resource
  • Coco has an ideal PH range of between 5.5-6.8
  • Coir has excellent cation exchange capabilities (CEC)


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