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Mighty Wash


Strengthen plants & defend them against bug attacks – all you need is Mighty Wash – it’s a bestseller.

It’s a leaf conditioning foliar spray that stimulates your plants’ natural defences. It’s based on years of research – no wonder so many growers swear by it.

Mighty Wash leaves no harmful residue so it’s safe to use indoors. You can use it throughout vegetative growth & flowering.

There’s no need to dilute – Mighty Wash is ready to use straight out the bottle. Use it to soak stems, leaves, fruit and flowers.

For best results, reapply it every 3 days

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• Cleans plants
• Builds plant defences against bugs
• Apply to stems, leaves, flowers and fruit
• No harmful residue – safe to use indoors
• No dilution needed

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1 Litre, 5 Litres


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