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Density Silica Pro


Density Silica Pro is specifically designed to make your plant more sturdy by increasing the internal cell strength integrity leading to stronger stems and branches which are needed to support high yields!

The use of Silica / Silicon products has been around for a while but not many people understand that some products (Potassium Silicate / liquid silicon) have very little silica available for the plant to take up and store in its cells and actually use.

The strengthening properties of using Silica Pro also makes the plant more resistant to insects, disease, stress and improves nutrient uptake which leads to more lush foliage and larger yields.

Silica Pro is mainly used in Hydro and Coco but can be added to soil as a top up for extra plant strength and can be used with any of the Density range of products.

This Silica is PH neutral and will not raise the PH of your solution, making it 100% available to your plants.

Use 0.5ml of Silica Pro for seedlings and cuttings then 1ml/L until flush.

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1 Litre, 500ml


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