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Aptus Tent Set Pro



Aptus Pro Kit – a complete package of boosters and stimulators for the advanced grower. To get the best results from your plant breeding to use this set next to a fertilizer base.

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The Aptus Tentset Pro starter kit includes:

  • 50 ML Startbooster: Powerful root and growth stimulator (more roots and plant growth).
  • 50 ML Topbooster: Aptus Topbooster is a combination of a flowering and maturation stimulator.
  • Regulator 50 ML: Aptus Regulator contributes to the absorption of nutrients, enhanced the plant structure and increases the ability of the plant to cope with different stresses (abiotic and biotic).
  • 50 ML P-Boost: Aptus PC P-Boost is a powerful bloom stimulator and suitable for use in hydroponics systems. Plants have in the flowering stage, a great need for phosphorus. P-Boost contains phosphorus and left-handed amino acids, is fully water soluble and does not leave residues.
  • 50 ML K-Boost Powerful maturation stimulator suitable for use in hydroponics systems. Plants during the maturation phase a great need for potassium. K-Boost contains potassium and left-handed amino acids. K-Boost is fully water soluble and does not leave residues.
  • 50 CaMg ML-Boost: Plants need for fruit setting a great need for calcium and magnesium. Aptus PC CaMg-Boost prevents deficiencies of calcium and magnesium. CaMg-Boost contains calcium, magnesium and L-amino acids is completely water soluble and leaves no residue behind.

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