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Aptus All-in-One Pellet


Complete Nutrient Pellet

A time-released 100% organic pellet nutrient that provides complete nutrition for plant development for up to 3 months. Each application lasts 2-3 months and can be re-applied for longer cycles. All-in-One is specially formulated with macro and micro-nutrients, amino-acids and bio-stimulants and can be applied during transplanting or substrate preparation, directly into the soil or as a top dressing to extend the growing cycle.


Why Use Aptus All-in-One

  • Simple and complete 100% organic plant nutrition, only water required
  • Time-release complete granular mix-in or top dressing fertilizer
  • Easy to use – application is once every 2 to 3 months
  • Perfect for remote locations and long lasting crop cycles
  • Helps condition soil, improves plant development, and stimulates microlife
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How To Use Aptus All-in-One

Apply only once for complete nutrition for a 3 month crop cycle. Either mix into the medium prior to planting or scatter around the plant and water in.

Short cultivation: (3 months) Use 50-100 grams per plant at planting (mix in or top-dress).

Long cultivation: (6 months) Use 50-100 grams per plant at planting (mix in or top-dress), then apply an additional dose after 2 months (top-dress and water in).

3 year shelf live if stored in dry/cool conditions.

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