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750W Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Defender Lighting System 400V


The Hellion kit consists of an Adjust-A-Wing Defender Reflector, 400V DE 750W Lamp and a Dimmable 400V digital ballast with 450W, 600W or 750W options. The Hellion light can be installed in two ways, as a remote ballast or with the ballast attached to the reflector, as one complete unit.

A specially designed Super Spreader is included with the Hellion kit that allows closer placement of the light to your plants by eliminating the risk of hot spots.

The three stage adjustable Defender reflector and dimmable 400V 750W ballast ensures that the Hellion light offers flexibility that is second to none.



Key Features:

  • Selectable power 450W, 600W or 750W
  • 400V 750W DE lamp
  • Unique Super Spreader included
  • Remote or attached ballast option
  • Five stage adjustable reflector
  • Five adjustable lamp heights

Kit Includes:

  • Hellion UHF Ballast 400V 750W
  • Medium Defender Reflector
  • Reflector Connector Rail
  • Hellion DE Lamp holder
  • Super Spreader
  • Hellion DE Lamp 400V 750W

Unbeatable Quality And Performance

  • The Adjust-A-Wings Reflector, Hellion ballast and Hellion DE lamp are all crafted from materials of the highest quality. These three components combine in harmony to create the Hellion Defender. A lighting system of unparalleled power and performance.

Reduced Heat

  • Super Spreaders are designed to disperse radiant heat, not to block light. They ensure that all plants feel nice and warm, not just the ones directly beneath the lamp.

Two Flexible Systems In One

  • Set your system up to suit your growing area. A fixture style combination unit or a remote ballast unit with 450W, 600W and 750W selectable power settings.

Incredible Light Spread Means Bigger Yields!

  • The Hellions produce perfect, even light distribution across your crop. No hot spots or cold corners, just beautiful even growth.

Absolute Lighting Control

  • 5 reflector width settings
  • 5 lamp height settings

Superior DE Technology That Won’t Cook Your Plants!

  • The Hellions can sit comfortably just 45cm above your plant canopy, maximum light penetration without the burn!


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