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Shop our collection of hydroponic butts, pots & trays for all your indoor growing needs. Order online or view our products in store at Gro-Zone Hydroponics Nottingham.

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    AutoPot 8.5 ltr Pot (Square)

    A replacement 8.5ltr square pot to fit AutoPot easy2grow and 1Pot modules and systems. We recomm…

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    Black Square Saucer

    Black square saucers are ideal for our clients that have no means of a run to waste system. They…

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    FlexiTank Pro 100L – 400L

    The FlexiTank Pro’s reflective and light-tight skin beautifully disguises an extremely rugged,…

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    Plant !t Flexible Tank 60L – 780L

    The PLANT!T Flexible tank is quick and easy to assemble. This handy tank can be used for hydropo…

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    Plant !t Square Base Dirt Pots

    With the unique micro porous fabric that has been specially developed for the PLANT!T Dirt Pot, …

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    PLANT!T Round Dirt Pot

    The PLANT!T Dirt Pot offer value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts. Made from porous …

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    Premium Square Black Pots

    The Premium Square Pot is ideal for pot culture and dripper systems. This pot is a lot mere robu…

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    Square Black Plant Pots

    Square pots are useful for propagation flood and drain drip feed systems or for your own home ma…

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