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    Conductivity Standard

    Conductivity Standard Solutions of a known electrical conductivity (EC) used to check and cal…

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    Formulex Formulex has a universal profile and was designed to grow all types of veget…

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    Ionic Cal Mag Pro

    Ionic Cal-Mag Pro Ionic Cal-Mag Pro is a concentrated plant supplement, precisely formul…

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    Liquid Oxygen

    Liquid Oxygen – the well known cleansing and oxygenating agent for hydroponic systems Liquid …

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    Liquid Silicon

    Silicon is a beneficial plant nutrient found in virtually all natural soils but not, until now, …

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    pH Buffer

    Solutions of a known and fixed pH. These are used to calibrate pH meters. This should be done on…

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    Ph Down

    pH control is essential in a hydroponic system Plants in hydroponic systems function best with …

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    pH Probe Cleaner

    pH Probe Cleaner pH probes need some care and attention. A little effort will keep a …

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