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Bio Green Biozym

Biozym is a high-quality enzyme product which promotes waste products’ breakdown processes and…


Bio Green Calgel

Calgel Calgel is a high-quality plant fertilizer containing all macro and micro nutrients requ…


Bio Green MAM

MAM is a high-quality fertilizer with all macro and microelements required by plants from whic…


Bio Green PK 13-14

PK 13-14 is a high-quality fertilizer containing all macro- and micro-nutrients necessary to …


Bio Green X Force

Biogreen X-Blast is a strong and high-performance PK additive, which maximises your harvest yiel…


Bio Green X Force Mono Silicic Acid

X Force promotes as a significant measure the growth and firmness of the plant, improves the abs…


Bio Green X Rooting

Bio Green X Rooting Bio Green X Rooting is a high quality supplement containing all the amino a…


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