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    Advanced Nutrients Piranha

    Piranha colonizes the root zone with 26 beneficial fungi. These fungi are 8 species of trichoder…

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    Bio Green X Rooting

    Bio Green X Rooting Bio Green X Rooting is a high quality supplement containing all the amino a…

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    Emerald Harvest Root Wizard

    Empower your garden with Root Wizard a massive root builder from Emerald Harvest. Containing sev…

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    Intense Foundation Roots Stimulant

    promotes explosive root development. Foundation stimulates the growth of beneficial micro-organ…

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    Intense Runzyme

    Recycles decaying organic debris within plant root system. An effective defence against root bo…

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    Nutrifield Root Nectar

    Nutrifield® Root Nectar® can be used in all hydroponic systems and substrates. It can be used …

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