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Kind LED Bar Light X Series

Introducing the all-new, groundbreaking advancement in LED horticulture lighting technology. Th…


LED PAR+ Advanced Horticulture Boards

Full Spectrum Output Modular Design Passive Cooling - No Fans CE Certified Waterproo…


LUMATEK ZEUS 600W LED by Lumatek

The Lumatek Zeus 600W LED is a linear multi-light bar fixture producing PPF of 1380 µmol/s and …


Maxibright Daylight LED 300 Watt Dimmable Grow Light

DAYLIGHT 300W LED The Maxibright Daylight 300w LED is a full spectrum output LED with a pas…


Maxibright Daylight LED 660w Grow Light

High Powered Maxibright LED Grow Light In terms of 'price versus performance', the Maxibright …


Photon LED 65W Grow Light Full Spectrum

Photons are 65W Full Spectrum LED modules which run cool, silently and are pretty much indestru…


Polaris 9 Bar 720w LED

Recent technological advancements have finally delivered the LED long promised and the Polaris 9…


ZEUS 600W Pro LED by Lumatek

ZEUS 600W Pro LED by Lumatek The higher specification Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro LED is a linear mul…


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