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    Bluelab Grower’s Toolbox

    A handy pack with everything you need to get going and keep growing! The Bluelab Grower’s T…

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    Bluelab PH Pen

    Plants get their nutrient from minerals but they can only get all the right minerals they need i…

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    Emerald Harvest pH UP – Premium Alkalizer

    pH UP – Premium lets you fine-tune the pH of the growing medium. pH UP Premium Alkalizer ena…

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    Essentials pH Meter

    The ESSENTIALS pH Meter is truly the most rugged glass type pH tester around. It is water and dr…

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    pH Buffer

    Solutions of a known and fixed pH. These are used to calibrate pH meters. This should be done on…

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    pH Buffer 250ml

    Solutions of a known and fixed pH. These are used to calibrate pH meters This should be done on …

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    Ph Down

    pH control is essential in a hydroponic system Plants in hydroponic systems function best with …

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    pH Probe Cleaner

    pH Probe Cleaner pH probes need some care and attention. A little effort will keep a …

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    Torus Hydro Perfect pH

    The perfectpH is a revolutionary pH stabilizer that automatically balances the pH of your hydrop…

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