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    Control Freak Dual Fan Controller 6A

    The Dual Controller is easy to use and is ideal for controlling inlet and exhaust fans to mainta…

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    Control Freak Fusion Controller 4A & 8A

    The Fusion Controller is a heavy duty fan controller that automatically adjusts the speed of bot…

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    Control Freak Intelligent Controller 5A With NTC Probe

    A digital fan speed controller which is easy to set and automatically adjusts the fan speed to m…

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    Dynamic frequency Controller 3A, 7A & 13A

    Typically, most AC fan controllers crudely clip the AC sine wave to try to control fan speeds. S…

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    EC Balancer

    The GAS EC fan balancer gives you the ability to fine tune Systemair EC fans. You can contr…

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    EC Controller

    The GAS digital EC fan controller provides the ultimate control over Systemair EC fans. This co…

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    EC Speed Controller

    The GAS EC speed controller is the perfect way to control the speeds of two EC fans. Powe…

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    EC1 Controller

    The GAS EC1 thermostatic speed controller is the perfect way to control your outtake EC fans. W…

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    Enviro Controller

    The GAS Enviro Controller will control every aspect of your grow room environment. Control your…

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    GHC Controller

    The MULTIFAN Controller/Balancer is a one of a kind digital fan control unit with temperature, h…

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    SMSCom Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controller Mk2 4A – 16A

    The Most Popular Hybrid Model Just Got an Upgrade! Mk2 SMSCom Hybrid Pro Fan Speed Controllers …

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