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OCL 10K Finalpower – MH

OCL 10K Final Power Metal Halide is used for the last 7 – 14 days of bloom to allow for better…


OCL 2K Greenpower – HPS

The OCL 2K GreenPower HPS is optimal for the blooming phase. • Lamp color: 2K • Lamp sty…


OCL 4K Daylightpower – MH

OCL 4K Daylight Power Metal Halide is a pulse-start full spectrum light, used for all stages of …


OCL 6K Bluepower – MH

OCL 6K Blue Power Metal Halide is the best spectrum used for vegetative growth to encourage shor…


OCL Bulb 230V E40

Ralight - 600 Watt Greenpower 230V E40


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