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Basis A&B

Mills Basis is your staple base nutrient, designed to optimize nutritional absorption throughout…



This product consists of a sophisticated blend of both macro and micro nutrients, bio-stimulants…


Mills – Vitalize

Mills Vitalize is one of the best, most exceptional products in the Mills Nutrients range that p…


Mills 65/35 Clay & Coco Mix

Mills 65/35 is our best selling growing medium due to its high quality coco and clay ingredients…


Mills Basis A&B

Basis A&B are highly concentrated, two-part, Bio-Mineral NPK base nutrients designed to brin…


Mills C4

How C4 works: C4 works quickly and efficiently to trigger dramatic growth in flowering sets, giv…


Mills Start

This incredibly robust bio-stimulant uses a high-quality blend of ingredients to stimulate your …


Mills Ultimate PK

Ultimate PK is a heavyweight bloom stimulant that contains high levels of Phosphite, which is vi…


Start R

This complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive is aimed for use during the seeding, growth and ear…


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