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Bluelab Combo Meter

The Bluelab Combo Meter is an all-in-one pH, conductivity and temperature meter. The Bluelab…


Bluelab Conductivity Pen

The Bluelab Conductivity Pen simply tells you that your plants have the right amount of nutrient…


Bluelab Connect Stick

Get connected – data log and view nutrient measurements from your crop wirelessly The Bluelab…


Bluelab EC Truncheon

It is essential when growing with a hydroponic solution to KNOW what the strength of the solutio…


Bluelab Grower’s Toolbox

A handy pack with everything you need to get going and keep growing! The Bluelab Grower’s T…


Bluelab Guardian + Guardian Connect

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is not only a constant indicator of the desired levels of p…


Bluelab pH & Conductivity Pen Care Kit

Features   Probe care instructions 20ml single-use Bluelab Solution Sachets, 2 eac…


Bluelab pH Controller + Connect

It’s known that pH levels can be the difference between a great crop and a disaster. Measuring…


Bluelab PH Pen

Plants get their nutrient from minerals but they can only get all the right minerals they need i…


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