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Powerful PK bloom stimulator Super-PK is a superior organo-mineral bloom stimulator, 20% Phosph…


Aptus All-in-One Liquid

If you’re after a one bottle solution for your base nutrients, then Aptus All-In-One is just w…


Aptus All-in-One Pellet

Complete Nutrient Pellet A time-released 100% organic pellet nutrient that provides complete nu…


Aptus Believer Pack

Aptus Believer pack is a way that never used before Aptus products may try its beneffits and see…


Aptus Break out Powder

An alternative to Shooting Powder by House & Garden NPK: 0-35-23 Aptus Breakout Powder is …


Aptus CaMg-Boost

Bud Booster CaMg-Boost is an organo-mineral plant booster that prevents Calcium (Ca) and Magnes…


Aptus Enzym+

Powerful Enzymes Enzym+ is a powerful blend of enzymes that all have different functions. Enzym…


Aptus Humic-Blast

Organic Soil-Conditioner Organic soil-conditioner that improves plants ability to absorb nutrie…


Aptus Indoor Set Basic

5 x 150 ml Aptus offers you this pack of 150ml bottles X5, for use throughout your culture, res…


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